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New baby’s guide to the first few days of life

This is a tongue in cheek look at a baby giving advice to another baby, on what to expect in those first few weeks of life…

“So you have just arrived, well, welcome to the ‘world’!”

“What a funny old place this is? It seems so emotional. Mummy, ‘the soft one’, cries a lot, and the flat chested one, Daddy, doesn’t seem too sure what to do with the crier, or you”.

“If you are wondering about all the noise, don’t be scared. This is just what its like on the ‘outside’. You’re used to muffled sounds and hearing the sweet tones of mummy, and the base of daddy’s voice, then to suddenly hear everything is SO much louder, is a shock. And not just their noise, everything is noisy! Doors, cars, children, pets, guests, Grandma, the midwife. It is so busy and so noisy. You will get used to it though, and some noises are really soothing, I particularly like the hoover, that makes me so tired for some reason. Or when mummy or daddy sing to me, that makes me feel calmer”.

“I don’t know if you have noticed, but isn’t everything so BIG, and bright! I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t know colour was so vibrant or everything is so huge, even your clothes may seem pretty big now. I can assure you though, you will grow so quickly, even in the first few weeks of your life, so they won’t seem so big soon”. “To be really honest with you, the world in those first few days and weeks is actually pretty overwhelming, and makes me tired and hungry”.

“I found that I liked to sleep ALOT for the first few days. Everyone tells Mummy and Daddy I’m a ‘good’ baby. I don’t want to spoil things for them, but I’m not sure if I’ll need as much sleep in the coming weeks so they may notice a change soon”.

“As I am a week older than you I can give you some tips, and manage your expectations…

It turns out  that your Mummy and Daddy probably don’t have anymore of an idea of what they are doing than you do. They are like you, learning as they go. You didn’t come with instructions like most things, so they have to work it all out and get to know you, as you do them”.

“Everything takes a long time. Mummy may say that she is going to walk down the road with you, but you might not leave for a long time after that as mummy will need a LOT of stuff. The bag to carry your stuff in will be even bigger than you are”. “Cry if you need anything and I mean anything. Be warned though, they both flap around a fair amount but they do come pretty quick and try everything they can to make it better. Of course sometimes they don’t know what to do to make it better and those times are  not fun for anyone”.

“Eat as often as you like. My favourite tip is to eat, poo ,sleep and then eat some more. Its great, and when you see Mummy or Daddy are dropping off to sleep, make sure you get their attention. You’ve only just met them, you want to spend as much time as possible together”.

“Don’t be alarmed if you meet a lot of people in the first few weeks. Everyone has been waiting for you to arrive and they all want to cuddle you. They especially love it when you open your eyes, they make all sorts of funny noises then”.

“Most importantly know that your parents love you loads. It doesn’t matter if you wee on them, cry, be sick, bring up milk or break wind. They think you are the best thing they have ever seen, and that’s a pretty amazing feeling”.

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