parenting is a lifelong role

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The Mum CV

What does motherhood really do for your career?

Could you be more skilled, post children, than you were before? Or are we just full of ‘baby brain’? Preoccupied, thinking about collecting the children on time, etc? When you take time out of work to have children, or change career post children, the workplace can seem a little daunting. I have heard many mums say they have lost confidence, or somehow feel deskilled. They worry about applying for jobs, interviews or promotions as they doubt themselves.

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What is the benefit of Baby Massage, and does it only apply to babies?

Baby Massage is something that I have been teaching for the last 4 years, it’s a wonderful skill to learn and something that both you and your baby will benefit from, and not just in the ways you might think. I must admit when I first heard about baby massage I must admit I sniggered!…

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The should/ shouldn’t list all new parents hear

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When the phrase, ‘I’m lucky’, should be banned

“My 11-month-old wakes so many times in the night! I’m exhausted and nothing I do works, any tips or anyone else experienced this?”
You will inevitably find a response like, “I’m lucky, we never had this problem, mine have always slept 7-7”
Why? Why say it? Why do people feel the need to share their ‘luck’ in this situation when another is desperately trying to find others that relate?

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The role of a lifetime

When I first daydreamed about having children I couldn’t wait to start a family. To cuddle my infant, to be the one to sooth their cries and to kiss any hurts better. I imaged a baby or small child who would need my help. I didn’t think past this point, or that maybe it wasn’t just them that would need me, but I would feel a need to always protect and care for them

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