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New baby’s guide to the first few days of life

This is a tongue in cheek look at a baby giving advice to another baby, on what to expect in those first few weeks of life…
“So you have just arrived, well, welcome to the ‘world’!”
“What a funny old place this is? It seems so emotional. Mummy, ‘the soft one’, cries a lot, and the flat chested one, Daddy, doesn’t seem too sure what to do with the crier, or you”.
“If you are wondering about all the noise, don’t be scared. This is just what its like on the ‘outside’. You’re used to muffled sounds and hearing the sweet tones of mummy, and the base of daddy’s voice, then to suddenly hear everything is SO much louder, is a shock…

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Pregnancy-The good, the bad and the ugly

This a light-hearted look at what to expect when your expecting, and the things you may encounter. Growing a baby is a miraculous thing, but of course, it is also a huge change to our bodies and comes with many side effects that I for one was not expecting. Things that make you feel ugly, things that make you…

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