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Sometimes nice girls do pick their nose!

Sometimes nice little girls do, in fact, pick their nose. These same nice, little girls also burp, run, laugh loudly, throw balls. They play rough and tumble, play with mud, play with cars, play with dolls. They climb, fall, jump, balance, shout, rage, dance. These ‘nice’ girls do all the things that all girls, and boys,…

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Expectations and Definitions

What constitutes as civilised when eating out? When is it acceptable to wake up for the day? Neither question had I ever given much thought to before becoming a parent, but it struck me recently that since being a mother my expectations and definitions of many things have changed somewhat. To give a recent example,…

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Don’t tell me what to do!

Following on from last weeks toddler tantrum post, I thought I would look at this issue from my children’s point of view; and you know what, I get it!  I too would tantrum (or at least want to throw a tantrum) if I was faced with some regular situations that our little ones are. 1. Expected…

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