Dear Gro Clock

Dear Gro Clock,

I must admit I was holding off on buying you for some time

You held so much promise and I knew that once all other options had been exhausted I would be able to rely on you, for not only a decent night’s sleep, but to rise at an appropriate morning hour.

I knew that you would be able to solve all our problems. In your shiny box, with your lovely accompanying story.

Oh Gro Clock, how we pinned everything on you!!

The first night we set you we were full of hope!

Tonight, things will be different. Your blue inviting moon and many stars showing a clear sign that it is night time.

Then the morning came. A call from the toddler’s room. We woke with bleary eyes, it must be because the sun has risen that we have been called. As tired as I felt, it was ok, because it was morning.

Racing in to my toddler’s bed you can imagine my dismay when there is NO sun!! Still moon, with a wide-awake toddler!!! This was not going as well as we had hoped

Don’t fear though. Perhaps we rushed things, we were silly to think it would work straight away, these things take time! He needs to make the association between the sun and morning. This doesn’t happen overnight.

We still have hope, we just need more time!

2 weeks later every day we are awoken to the sight of the moon and the 1 or 2 remaining stars. 

It’s ok though, we have a solution! We were being too optimistic! 

We will bring the clock forward! Of course, it was too much to expect a sudden change.

Let’s set the time for the sun an hour earlier!

We are still winning, right? We lied to ourselves and for the few weeks that followed we happily awoke at the crack of dawn, I mean the sun is up after all!!

Then we decided to push our luck, put the clock forward a little, just 10 minutes at a time, a gradual process that we knew would pay dividends. After all, the Gro Clock is the holy grail of extending sleep. This is our saviour!

Do you know what, it’s working! Except it seems the rest of our clocks are out. What time is it?? The sun is up but I’m sure the clock isn’t reading morning?! What’s happening??

Oh… I see, it seems we have been outsmarted by a 2 1/2year old!!! A mere press of a button and the sun rises at whatever time the toddler choices.

A great leap forward that the connection between sun and morning is made, but equally a step back in any hope we had that this was the solution!

Gro Clock you promised so much, but delivered nothing! No amount of suns, moons, stories or trying, will extend an early risers definition of morning!

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