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My own blog….

EEKKKK!! I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to write my very own blog! It will be about family, children and all things parenting.

Don’t worry family and friends, I wont make you read/ share/ like all my posts (Ok, that’s a lie, family you have to!)

I just thought instead of bothering my husband with my daily soap box I would spread the net a little wider and write down my insightful and fascinating thoughts! Actually scrap insightful and fascinating, replace with honest and hopefully relatable, thoughts.

What an odd thing this blogging malarkey is. I used to write a personal diary which I took great lengths to ensure remained private. In fact as a child I would hide my scribblings in a plastic sleeve and hide it up a tree in my garden. Seems a little extreme when I wasn’t writing anything particularly exciting or even of interest to anyone else (unless anyone was interesting in learning what Izzy or Sarah said in the playground). Now I write blog posts with the hope that someone will look. I guess that’s the modern age, this sharing and putting sides of ourselves out into the ether. Much like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the things never even existed when I was growing up. That makes me sound very old doesn’t it!? But I’m really not, it’s just these things are all so new, aren’t they? Anyway, now I too join the ranks of many before me and have my very own blog.

I look forward to sharing things with you as time goes on and hearing your views and experiences.

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