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The tired competition

I don’t think my husband and I are alone with the’who is more tired’ competition. Pre-children I don’t remember competing with my husband about such things. In fact, I laugh at the old me thinking I was tired if I had anything less than my 8 hours sleep! (I say laugh, a laugh cry!)

 Now, well, now I know tired!! I have 2 children who both took just over a year before they slept through the night! And still now on average I am up at least once a night and they are 3 ½ and 2! So, we are seasoned pros at the who is more tired game.

A particular favourite of ours is when the morning comes and we both complain/ compete about being tired (in case you were wondering, it is of course always me!).

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What to not say to a tired mum

I am writing this after what feels like the 100th bad night in a row with my baby boy. My husband and I regularly have the ‘who is more tired’ battle. Obviously its me, but I will relent that he is also able to be tired. He is just NOT allowed to tell me

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