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About Me

My name is Alexia and I created Roots and Wings Parenting in 2013 when I trained to be a baby massage instructor. The name of this site is inspired by a poem I have always loved. The moral; “Give them roots to cling to and wings to fly”, is how I would like to raise my children.

I now run my own business offering face to face baby massage. I am excited to bring you the Massage, Language and Connection Programme I have created, offering baby massage as an online video course; designed to help parent and baby to connect, learn and communicate with one another through massage and rhymes.

I have 2 little ones.  My children are 19 months apart and make me laugh and pull my hair out on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They keep me on my toes and I can honestly say having them was the best thing I have ever done – Despite the huge increase in grey hairs and permanent bags under my eyes. They are inspiration behind my business and give me all my material for my blog posts.

My career background is working in intensive family support, going into family homes and supporting parents with any parenting issue affecting them as a family. For example, establishing routines, boundaries, school issues and managing challenging behaviour. I am a licensed parenting program facilitator, which I have delivered in schools and children’s centres. This involves helping parents look at what’s working for them as well as things they want to improve.

Now I am a writer and ponder all things parenting. I have a column in etc. magazine, a regional lifestyle magazine, and write this blog. I now spend my working time running my baby massage courses face to face, and through the online course.