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Massage, Language & Connection Programme

Workshops and Face to Face Courses

 Face to Face Course

I now offer the chance to learn the Massage, Language and Connection course in person for groups of 5 or more. This will run in Horsham, West Sussex. If you would like to arrange a bespoke group contact me, they will be held over 5 sessions and cost £45 per person.

Alternatively I run 5 week pure baby massage course, a great way to meet others in your local area. These courses cost £45, which includes oil and handouts.

Both the face to face courses run over 5 sessions.

Each week we build on the massage strokes learnt in the previous weeks.
The first week is legs and feet and by the last week you will have learnt to massage legs, feet, tummy, chest, arms, face and back.
I also demonstrate some gentle exercise movements to do with your baby and a colic routine which can be great at relieving constipation as well as providing relief for colic.

There are many benefits of massage that both baby and you may experience.

Benefits for baby:
•    Feeling more loved, valued and respected
•    Experiencing better sleep and relaxation
•    Having increased body awareness
•    Gaining relief from wind, colic and constipation

Benefits for you:
•    Feeling closer to your baby
•    Increased understanding of what your baby is communicating
•    Feeling the relaxing benefit of giving your baby nurturing touch
•    Enjoy focused time with your baby
•    An opportunity to socialise with other parents and babies in a welcoming and supportive environment
•    Have fun whilst learning a life-long parenting skill
•    Receive detailed handouts on the strokes we cover and massage oil

The course goes at the groups pace and allows time for discussion, questions and to share tips with other parents.

I am baby-led and therefore, however your baby is at the time of the class, you are always welcome.

The class is suitable from 6 weeks to crawling. Although the skills you learn can be used well into childhood.



I am very excited to announce that I will now be offering bespoke workshops that will give you the flavour of the Massage, Language and Connection course in person, as well as offering a relaxing and indulgent experience for you mums. Workshops will be held in several venues in and surrounding Horhsam, West Sussex.

The next workshop I will be offering is in conjunction with Be You Yoga and held in a beautiful Yurt in the Warnham countryside.

The Relaxation Workshop
Price: £25 | Date: TBC | Time: 2-4pm

The workshop offers 4 main components.

  1. Relaxation for baby – Baby Massage, with a difference. Learn not only massage techniques but bespoke songs to accompany the areas you massage.
  2. Relaxation for you – Yoga and meditation – enjoy some quality ‘you time’
  3. Coffee and conversation – A chance to connect with other mummies
  4. And breathe – Get tips and breathing techniques on how to manage your expectations and emotions when your baby cries. ‘Get into your bubble’ – and find out what that means 😉

The baby massage element is massage with a twist. It comes from The Massage, Language and Connection course and is all about linking touch and song. Babies love to be sung to and the soothing touch of massage, so this is a chance to combine those things. You will learn to massage baby’s legs, tummy, chest and back with songs to accompany each area. You will receive a handout with all the song words and the strokes you learn.

The tummy strokes will focus on alleviating trapped wind and constipation as well as being a soothing way of connecting with baby.

There is a wealth of research to show the benefits of signing to your baby and to massaging, such as helping cognitive development, body awareness, reading your baby, communication and processing language, and connecting with your baby.

The Yoga element of our workshop has been designed specifically with mummies in mind. We will start and end in stillness and have based our sequence on a Vinyasa Flow style of practice; postures are synchronised with breath and poses run together smoothly. We will then end with a relaxing, restorative meditation to send you into the rest of the weekend feeling calm and connected.

On an energetic level we will looking at strengthening the heart chakra. Early mummyhood is a period of change, overwhelming emotion and sometimes fear, so it felt right to create a heart opening sequence. The beautiful Warnham countryside sets the perfect scene for a gorgeous flow which will help you to peel back those layers and release the stress and tension we keep bound up in our chest. To balance our opening flow we’ll be building on our fire within by strengthening the back and core. This part of the class offers far more than ab work; this flow is designed for anyone looking to re-engage pelvic floor muscles, ease back pain, prevent future niggles, distress, improve posture, help digestion and increase general fitness. On a deeper level, it’s about re-engaging with yourself and your own personal power.

The workshop has a steady pace; and will take into account both yours and you baby’s needs. We take time to connect poses with breath to encourage a controlled, mindful practice that allows us to feel into core and back strength and explore the essential relationship between the two.

So, if you’re keen to treat yourself to some well-deserved YOU time, join us for an hour of nourishing flow and relaxing, restorative meditation, and an hour of massage and relaxation for your baby too!

Please contact me to book your place or for more information