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Roots to Cling to & Wings to Fly!

Offering an online baby massage and rhyme video course, and unique, topical baby vests.

If you are looking to buy a unique and thoughtful baby gift, then you are in the right place!

Whether you have recently had a baby or know someone that has, here you can find a treat for yourself or someone you value.

I offer 3 unique branches, all of which, support parents to trust in themselves and that they know best for their baby.

  1. A bespoke way for parents and their baby to connect and bond, via the online baby massage and rhyme course.
  2. Baby vests with attitude. If you want a baby vest to say what you are thinking or to buck the trend, these are the vests for you! Click here to see our range.
  3. A blog about all things baby, child and parenting. An honest account of parenting. The struggles, the highs, the funny parts and the challenging bits.

Introducing my online baby massage course

As a professionally trained baby massage teacher, I have created this course to teach a time-starved parent to massage and connect with their baby through touch and bespoke songs.

This unique online baby massage, language and connection programme will teach you baby massage with bespoke rhymes to match each body part in the comfort of your own home. This is a beautiful way of bonding, communicating and learning about your baby at a comfortable pace for you. An activity that you can use throughout their childhood and supports your confidence as a parent to connect with your child.

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What can I get from an online baby massage course?

I wanted to create something that brought together baby massage and baby rhyming songs in a complimentary and mutually beneficial way. Of course you can massage your baby whilst singing but I wanted a more structured plan. A set rhyme for each body part which helped name the body part and helped you, as the parent, have a script whilst massaging. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has at times felt a little silly talking to my baby, or that conversation is a little one sided. I would have loved some set rhymes that meant something to us and for me to share with my baby and use whilst massaging.

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The course costs just £20 and makes the perfect new baby, or baby shower gift.

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Unique Vests to Compliment the Baby Massage Course

The statements on the vests came about because of things that I, as a parent, have wanted to see for some time.

Having a new baby can be exciting, scary, life changing, and at times a roller-coaster ride. EVERYONE has an opinion and it’s easy to forget what you are doing is exactly the right thing for your baby, even if it’s not the same as someone you know. The range of vests are about supporting parents in their choices, and challenging stereotypes of others.

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