About Us

My name is Alexia and I created Roots and Wings Parenting in 2013 when I professionally trained to be a baby massage instructor. The name of this site is inspired by a poem I have always loved. The moral; “Give them roots to cling to and wings to fly”, is how I would like to raise my children.

I am excited to bring you the Massage, Language and Connection Programme I have created, offering baby massage as an online video course; designed to help parent and baby to connect, learn and communicate with one another through massage and rhymes.

I am a mother of 3, and my children helped me to create this programme based on things they loved as babies and toddler, and we still use even as they grow.
My children make me laugh and pull my hair out on a daily basis, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They keep me on my toes and I can honestly say having them was the best thing I have ever done – Despite the huge increase in grey hairs and permanent bags under my eyes.

Throughout my career have worked with, and supported families in many different ways, and this seems like a wonderful way of supporting them in those early day, months, years of parenting, when laying that groundwork in attachment and connection is so important.

This site is for all parents, whatever your approach to parenting baby massage is inclusive and benefits all babies. As the parent you are the expert on your baby and whichever method you choose is the right one for your baby and family! This site is a non-judgemental place. That’s not to say you always know the answers, no one does. Parenting is trial and error. We are all learning on the job. Like being a lifetime apprentice. But if you trust yourself, connect to your baby and do what feels right for your family, then you won’t go far wrong.

What Our Customers Say

“As a new mummy, one of my biggest worries was that I was doing something wrong with my baby; especially if I was doing something differently to Joe Bloggs next door. Alexia, at Roots & Wings Parenting, works hard to let her mums know that ‘whatever (their) approach to parenting, baby massage is inclusive and benefits all babies. (And that) as the parent you are the expert on your baby and whichever method you choose is the right one for your baby and family!’ That message really spoke to me as a Mum and made me feel secure and comfortable when learning from her… Alexia’s unique online course is the solution, allowing many more families to learn baby massage.”

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“Baby massage is a beautiful way to bond, connect and communicate with your little one. Taking an online course means that you can enjoy things at your own pace and both parents can be involved at a time that works with your family. This gift is delightfully ethical as it has no carbon footprint attached and is all based online…. Alexia is immensely approachable and friendly, as well as highly knowledgeable” Featured in an ethical baby shower gift guide”

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“A lovely resource for a busy mum. I’m really thankful to have been able to introduce baby massage to my second little one, and to reintroduce it to my first, when I didn’t think that would be possible at all. Thanks!”

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“I have really enjoyed the massage sessions. My baby loves the leg massages in particular and it’s always a winner when he is crying and needs calming. Fantastic teacher who is very calm, friendly and approachable. I will keep using the techniques I have learnt for a long time to come. Great value for money.”