Christmas aftermath!

Well done to all of us! We did it! We’ve successfully navigated Christmas and now can revel in the aftermath. The leftover food, the good TV, the lounging around in PJ’s. Savouring the last days of family time before normal routine and order resumes.

Not that I don’t miss normal routine, it certainly makes things feel a lot calmer and more ordered. Whilst the run up to Christmas is lovely, the day itself can often be a little too much for little ones. The excitement, the gifts, the sugar. All make for a rather overwhelming experience, for all of us. I don’t know if it’s just us, but by bedtime (by bedtime I mean 7pm) we are totally shattered and ready for bed ourselves!

I’m sure we are not the only family that still battles with tantrums, tears and sibling arguments, even at Christmas. It’s like little children don’t get the memo that everyone is supposed to be on best behaviour. Despite what our social media newsfeeds might have us believe!

Anyway now it is over for another year and it is time to ponder the questions, such as..

‘Where do we even put all these new toys?’

‘Will the children’s teeth fall out from all the sugar consumed?’

‘How do we explain that the days no longer start with chocolate calendars, and the countdown is over?’

‘What do we use as a behaviour management technique now that the threat of Santa has expired?’

‘Is it mean to take the tree down straight after boxing day?’

Wishing you all a calm and tantrum free few days! And hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

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