Letter to my baby, sharing your firsts

To my son
Thank you for letting me be there to share your firsts.
I am lucky to be your mother, and I love you with every part of me.
In those moments of extreme sleep deprivation; those times when I feel like all I do is feed or change you. In the moments I doubt myself or wonder if I am good enough, I hold on to the fact that I am honoured to be the one to share so many of your firsts.
Your first breath
The first time I held you
Your first cry
Your first feed
The first time you smiled
Your first laughter
Your first roll
The many more firsts to come.
It is I who brought you into the world, and I who nurtures, protects and learns with you.
Thank you my son for letting me be your mummy.
When you are grown and want your independence from me, I will hold on to all those beautiful firsts and know I have done enough
Always yours
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*If you want to share more firsts with your little one, then why not try baby massage? A wonderful way to share and connect with your baby, and creates space to watch and be in the moment together*
Photo Credit – Beth Moore Photography

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