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September is a time for change for many children. Every September signifies a new beginning, a moving forwards in life. For us parents it’s a time when our children take another step towards their future and away from their baby years. A time when we become less needed perhaps, or at least not so central in our children’s world. Unlike New Years’ Eve, there is no big count down or celebration, but the new change goes by as part of life and we all have to roll with it.

My daughter is starting pre-school and I was a women possessed deciding which one to send her to. I visited 8 different pre-schools before I chose one. I want to know that when she leaves me for her first taste of life on her own, she is in good hands and an environment to suit her. Ideally what I would like to do is rig cameras, hang out by the window outside and ensure all the other children are nice to her at all times. Unfortunately for me this is not possible, which is very fortunate for my daughter who I’m sure wouldn’t thank me when she is older.

Our children face big changes when embarking on new schools, new school years and moving through the education system. But for us too it changes. We also have to make new friends, learn new playground etiquette, keep up with the latest thing in that school year. Friends with older children tell me about the mum politics and I am well prepared for the fact that as well as my children having to evolve and grow, I too will have to learn to go with the changes.

Starting pre-school is a big change for us and just the start of this journey. I feel sad that I won’t know everything she did that day. I won’t be able to fill my husband in on the gaps when she recounts her day. I won’t be able to help her finish off that new song she learnt today as I may not have been the one that taught her. She on the other hand is bubbling over with excitement. She is ready to make this next step. I’m trying my best not to be ‘that mum’. You know the one, that makes Teachers’ say, “oh no, not her again. Why is she in the office this time? What does she want us to do/change/say, now?”

I wish I could be by their side and hold their hand through every stage in their lives, but the reality is that this is our job as parents; to prepare our children for their future. A life without us being their centre. To give them wings and let them build their life independently of us (even if we do feel like watching through the window as they do this).

( I originally wrote this piece for my monthly column in ETC magazine Horsham and Mid Sussex Edition, published September 2016)

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  1. A very sweet piece, it’s true when they start school it’s the end of an era, even if they’ve been in childcare before. School is so grown up… Where has my baby gone?! But I also love hearing about school and telling my daughter what I got up to that day, change is all good 🙂 Plus with my twin 10month olds I don’t have much time to think about it ? They nap so I blog…

  2. A lovely, thoughtful post. Particularly the idea that during the day, rather than you being the one teaching the songs or sharing things with your child, it will be others…You won’t know the whole picture anymore. Lets hope you don’t have to do with too much in the way of parent politics #Dreamteam

    1. Thank you very much Jane 🙂
      It’s sad but also the way it has to be I guess. Thankfully she has enjoyed her experience so far, and maybe she can teach her brother some of the new things she learns.
      Lets hope not! Although I guess it’ll make pick up times more exciting 😉 haha!
      Thank you for commenting xx

  3. It is just so sad utility at the same time exciting to see them getting to school and growing up. I have been shocked at how my little baby is now all by herself at nursery…

    We visited several nurseries too and it is such a difficult choice. You only want the best and there are so many different things to consider!

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