Online Baby Massage Course

Massage, Language & Connection Programme

I have devised a new and unique online course, The Baby Massage, Language and Connection Programme.

What is it?

  • It is a unique and educational baby massage programme, with the focus on language and body awareness
  • Learn in your own home via online videos
  • You will learn to massage your baby’s full body and have a fun, soothing rhyme to accompany each area
  • Learn the material in your own time at your baby’s pace
  • Ideal from newborn – pre school, as the songs keep children engaged
  • Bite sized videos mean you can watch them, and remember them easily
  • This bespoke programme is a wonderful way of spending quality time with your baby to bond and connect through loving touch and new nursery rhymes
  • Great value for money at just £15! (Half price)

Why is the course online?

We all know that at times getting out the house to attend a group can be challenging. Of course the social interaction is important, but this programme takes the pressure away from having to be anywhere at a certain time.
You can have that intimate bonding time in an environment that you and your baby know and are comfortable in. This means that they are more likely to respond to you and be responsive to such interaction.
It also avoids the problem of your baby not being in the mood for the class, as you set the time around them. No more worries about your baby feeding through the session, or being unsettled, because you pick a time that’s right for them.
Since it is an online video, you can go over the material and watch it whenever you like, until you are confident that you know all the massage strokes and songs.

Can’t I get the same from attending a baby massage or a music class?

In short the answer is NO

Baby massage or music groups alone are both wonderful. You can learn massage strokes and learn new rhymes separately, but I wanted to create something that brought the 2 together in a complimentary and mutually beneficial way. Of course you can massage your baby whilst singing but I wanted a more structured plan. A set rhyme for each body part which helped name the body part and helped you, as the parent, have a script whilst massaging. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has at times felt a little silly talking to my baby, or that conversation is a little one sided. I would have loved some set rhymes that meant something to us and for me to share with my baby and use whilst massaging.

Why did I create it?

I have been running baby massage classes for over 3 years and whilst I absolutely love the bonding and connection it offers parent and baby, I couldn’t help but feel like there was more that could be done with it. I created this programme after watching how well babies engaged when, as part of the massage, a parent sung to their baby. I wanted to enhance this and got to work researching and learning how best to combine the 2 and the many benefits there is to such a combination.

The Research

The amount of evidence that singing to your baby helps their cognitive development, connection and language is staggering, As is the research about the importance of touch. To find some examples of this research follow this link.. 

Read more about the research behind the programme

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