Pregnancy dangers – Beware of the elbows

Beware of the elbows!!

Prior to being pregnant I was not at all bothered by peoples’ elbows. In fact, I would go further and say that I hadn’t even noticed people’s elbows. They didn’t even hit my radar of things to be concerned about. Fast forward to 5 months pregnant. On a busy train platform; bustling to get on the next train home. What do I see? ELBOWS! Everywhere! Suddenly these elbows are proving to be a huge hazard! They are sticking out, they dig into you, they bash your bump. The hazard of the elbow suddenly got real. The lioness in me comes out and I protectively cradle my bump against this damaging weapon that used to seem so harmless.

They are not the only new danger I have found since pregnancy, for example, narrow gaps in shops, or between restaurant tables. I regularly completely misjudge space and find myself bumping my bump all over the place. They should make wide aisles just for pregnant women.

Leggings. Previously leggings and tights were a favourite thing to wear, now I am in danger of cutting off my circulation every time I imagine I can still get away with my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have since bitten the bullet and brought a full range of maternity leggings and trousers, something I was extremely reluctant to do seen as pregnancy is a relatively short period (I say that now, ask me again in the last trimester, how long pregnancy feels)

What did you suddenly notice in pregnancy as a real hazard, something that before seemed completely innocuous?

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