Review – A new mums experience of baby massage, and why it helped her confidence as a mother

As a new mummy, one of my biggest worries was that I was doing something wrong with my baby; especially if I was doing something differently to Joe Bloggs next door. Alexia, at Root sand Wings Parenting, works hard to let her mums know that ‘whatever (their) approach to parenting, baby massage is inclusive and benefits all babies. (And that) as the parent you are the expert on your baby and whichever method you choose is the right one for your baby and family!’ That message really spoke to me as a Mum and made me feel secure and comfortable when learning from her.

Lots of mums (and dads) know that baby massage helps to develop and grow the bond between them and their baby, as well as having many other benefits; but not all parents have the opportunity, confidence, time or money to take part in a face-to-face course. Alexia’s unique online course is the solution, allowing many more families to learn baby massage.

What is the course all about?

To use the words of RootsandWingsParenting:

‘It is a unique and educational baby massage programme, with the focus on language and body awareness.
Learn in your own home via online videos.
You will learn to massage your baby’s full body and have a fun, soothing rhyme to accompany each area.
Learn the material in your own time at your baby’s pace.
This bespoke programme is a wonderful way of spending quality time with your baby to bond and connect through loving touch and new nursery rhymes.’

The website itself is very classy in appearance; I could navigate through it with ease. The videos provide friendly, clear, supportive instructions, working well as an excellent educational tool.

Why did it work for us?

My son suffers with eczema and needs to have cream applied multiple times a day; having the baby massage routine has helped us to make this an enjoyable, fun bonding experience. The logical sequence of the massage videos enabled us to move on to the more complex baby massage routines with an ever growing confidence.

What I loved most was Alexia’s lyrical songs that complement the massage routines, they help to make each routine memorable and easy to follow. My baby also enjoyed the singing (well, he’s too young to realise I can’t actually sing yet!)

 Would I recommend learning baby massage online?

Roots and Wings Parenting online baby massage course is an enjoyable, easy to follow course that helps you learn how to have a positive touch experience with your baby. Apart from getting a great massage, there’s other benefits for baby too, i.e. colic relief, constipation.

I believe that the course is great value for money, allowing you to access the informative materials at any time, at your own pace. If you know a new mummy or mummy to be, this course would also make for a really thoughtful gift (a fabulous alternative to yet another baby-grow…)

Thank you Alexia, Roots and Wings Parenting.

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Jemma from at and was first publish on Meet Other Mums website

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