The Course Benefits

What are the benefits for baby?

  • Quality one to one time with you. The course gives your baby a chance to really engage with what you are doing, through eye contact, language and physical touch.
  • Babies love to be sung to and the soothing touch of massage, so this is a chance to combine those things
  • Can help alleviate trapped wind and constipation
  • May ease congestion
  • Help to relax and sooth your baby, massage reduces cortisol levels (stress hormone) and increases dopamine and serotonin (our happy, good feeling hormones)
  • Can alleviate some of the symptoms or discomfort attached to colic
  • Help your baby with cognitive development through singing and loving touch
  • Watching you communicate with them in a way they can understand and relate to
  • The repetitive rhymes and sing song massage helps them to connect with you, and know what to expect in each massage
  • Help baby to learn to process language, which later may help with their literacy skills
  • Helps baby to understand their body, by you massaging and naming each of the areas through song
  • The programme is designed to do at a time to suit you and your baby so there is no need to worry about missing out if your baby is feeding or sleeping, Simply watch the videos around when is good for your little one

What are the benefits for you?

  • Learn a skill that you can use throughout your little one’s childhood
  • Knowing you are helping your baby relax, connect and bond with you
  • Helps you to read your babies cues and communicate with them in a gentle and loving way
  • The programme is all about your relationship with one another, it is not something you ‘do’ to baby, but something you enjoy ‘with’ your baby
  • An opportunity to engage and connect with your baby apart from the daily feeding, changing and nap times
  • When you touch and massage it releases the love hormone – oxytocin, as well as increasing dopamine and serotonin and decreasing cortisol levels for both of you
  • Some mothers find it a great way to connect when suffering from low mood or PND as it gives you time to bond in a gentle and private way with your baby
  • Learn new rhymes that you can sing to your baby whilst massaging and outside of this, with a downloadable handout to also help you remember, which includes song words. (I don’t know about you, but I always forget words to nursery rhymes)
  • Receive an additional colic sequence handout, using the stokes you learnt in the video and showing you how to put them together to help alleviate symptoms of colic
  • You don’t need to worry about getting dressed, running late, last minute nappy explosions, feeds, or being conscious of your singing voice, because the course is in your home and you decide when to use it (and how loud you want to sing!)
  • Gives you a structured plan to really learn massage and songs, and once you learnt the skill the confidence to keep using it

What do I get?

  • The course is currently just £15 and for this you will get –
  • Access to videos that will teach you how to massage each part of baby’s body
  • The videos will first demonstrate the strokes, then show you the song to accompany it. Teaching is a clear pace to really explain each stroke and the benefits.
  • You get unlimited access for 6 months to all the videos, which will give you lots of time to learn all the strokes and song words. This can be extended if needed.
  • You also have access to 2 downloads
    • A Colic/ Constipation and trapped wind Sequence, which has pictures of each stroke and clear instructions about how to do this
    • A download which explains the whole online programme, with instructions, pictures and all the song words to help you remember what you have learnt
  • You receive 6 videos:
    • An introduction and welcome video explaining everything you need to know before you start
    • Leg routine
    • Tummy and chest routine
    • Arm routine
    • Face routine
    • Back routine (which also explains that massage can be carried on throughout childhood)
  • You will also have email support should you have any questions about the course, this will be answered within 72 hours
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