The tired competition

I don’t think my husband and I are alone with the’who is more tired’ competition. Pre-children I don’t remember competing with my husband about such things. In fact, I laugh at the old me thinking I was tired if I had anything less than my 8 hours sleep! (I say laugh, a laugh cry!)

 Now, well, now I know tired!! I have 2 children who both took just over a year before they slept through the night! And still now on average I am up at least once a night and they are 3 ½ and 2! So, we are seasoned pros at the who is more tired game.

A particular favourite of ours is when the morning comes and we both complain/ compete about being tired (in case you were wondering, it is of course always me!).

A common scenario when we first had our baby, was waking up following a terrible night, wondering if it is possible to survive on the 2 hours I managed to sleep. Feeling a combination of exhaustion, hysteria and total bewilderment about what to do with this tiny human who has literally stolen your sleep. Husband wakes, having snored lightly through the 4 feeds and 2 nappy changes, he is yawning. I suppress the urge to punch him in the face for even hinting that he might be tired. How can he be tired? He slept!

Yet I’m sure he wouldn’t feel this, he would argue that just because he didn’t wake it doesn’t mean his sleep wasn’t disturbed too (despite doing a wonderful impression of being asleep, he was in fact awake). We both feel we have a raw deal at times and here are some common statements we have been known to say to one another…


  1. I would love to go to work today and actually be able to have a minute on my own


  1. I wish I could stay home all day watching TV, eating cake and having coffee with friends

2.  A commute sounds like a dream. an hour to sit, drink a drink that is actually hot, and no one wanting anything from me 

2. I wish I could stay in bed and rest with baby when the alarm goes off, rather than sitting on a packed, delayed train, rushing to work.

3. I’m exhausted, I literally feel like I’ve had an hours sleep. I am up and down like a yo-yo all night!

3. I’m exhausted too. I may not get up but I do hear the baby!

4. You’ve got it easy going to work

4. You’ve got it easy staying home

Of course the sensible side of me says “We are both tired. No one has the monopoly on tired. He is exhausted in different ways.” The emotional part of me wants to say “what are you talking about? Obviously I am the most tired. it’s not a competition. You sleep I don’t”

Do you relate to any of this? Do other couples have these same feelings? If so please do comment, like and/ or share here or over on Facebook

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  1. I think so many parents can totally relate to this! It’s exhausting work sometimes isn’t it! There are so many days where there just isn’t enough caffeine in the world! xx

    1. Post

      Thank you Alex 🙂 That’s very true!! Some days even caffeine isn’t enough! Thanks so much for your comment xx

    1. Post

      Thanks Jo 🙂
      Yes, I think it must be a common feeling for parents! I’m guessing that means your getting more sleep now? That’s great news!! 🙂 I should be at that point but starting all over again in a few months! Haha!! Glutton for punishment! Lol 😉 xx

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