Wish I was better at ‘doing’ Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time, full of magic and promise. A time to watch your children’s faces light up and to share with those you love.

It is also a time when I realise how massively under prepared I am! I think Christmas highlights those of us who are not very organised. I am not the kind of person who started shopping in August. Whilst I have some lovely creative ideas for things to so with the children, the execution is never quite what I hoped it would be.

Some Christmas errors I have made so far…

1. I don’t have an elf. I don’t like elf on the shelf in principle, but that’s not why I don’t have one, it’s because I completely forgot to purchase one.

2. A homemade advent calendars. I see these beautiful handmade advent calendars with lovingly made gifts for each day of advent. I imagined the children pulling out beautifully crafted little wooden draws filled with unique keep sakes, far better and more meaningful than chocolate. What we actually have is a shop brought chocolate advent calendar given to us by a neighbour!

3. Christmas eve box. I see these on other people’s Facebook feeds every year, and this year decided we too would have said box. Only to fall at the last hurdle and realise sorting gifts for Christmas day was taxing enough, without adding in a new tradition I wouldn’t be able to maintain. What do you put in the box anyway?

4. Leave out Santa’s footprints. What a lovely idea, to leave his footprints for the children to find on Christmas morning! However, I realised, in the nick of time, this would mean adding to things to clean on Christmas day! I certainly don’t want to be hoovering the carpet.

5. Book a pantomime! “Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did”, well I tried! It turns out people book these things as early as JANURARY!! Really!? Only 5 tickets left for the show in question. How do I not know these things?

All in all, I think it is fair to say I am not going to get any Christmas awards.

I would love to be that kind of parent, but I must admit my flaws, and play to my strengths. I love Christmas and I love the magic with the children, but I don’t love the organising and I just don’t know how to be any better at this.

Thankfully my children are too young to know what others do, and think everything we do is special at Christmas. What I do have is chocolate for breakfast, leave out food for Santa, polish our shoes to put by the fire place for Santa to put some money in, a tradition from my own childhood which I have continued.

Every family has their own traditions and to each of our children that is what makes Christmas. So, I will try not to focus on all the things I have not been able to do, and hope that what we do is magical enough.

Happy Christmas!

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